Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

After a Lent of preparation – of reflecting on God’s love and invitation  – after considering how much the Lord Jesus endured out of love for us we celebrate new life, new beginnings, the Resurrection. May this season be a time for us to consider like never before how to be better disciples […]

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Happy Easter

Masses For Easter Sunday – 7:30am, 9:00am, 10:30am, 12 Noon

Happy Easter -


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Palm/Passion Sunday – We Remember

We began this Holy Week remembering Jesus’ entrance to Jerusalem. Our scripture tells us it was a glorious event. And so to remember -to celebrate all that our God has done for us through Jesus we at The Church of the Precious Blood began this week with a Procession. After gathering at Borough Hall […]

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Our Holy Week Journey

We enter into this most holy week in the Church year. We listen to the stories and experience the vivid images of how Jesus suffered and died because of love for us. We joine together as brothers and sisters on the journey to reflect on the Saviour we follow.

But, in fact, we know that […]

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Irish Night!

In the midst of our Lenten Journey its typical to stop and celebrate the Patron of Ireland! Our St. Pat’s Party or Irish Night on March 8 was a grand success. The corned beef and cabbage, the soda bread and beer – but especially the community gathered made it a great night. Somehow, as […]

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