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Happy Easter!

We begin our Fifty-Day celebration of Easter – of the way God has overturned things by raising Jesus. During these Fifty Days may we, like the early disciples, keep our eyes open to discover His life in our midst.

One of the messages we continually hear as we read the Easter Gospels and the story of the growing Church in the Acts of the Apostles is the call for reconciliation.  The early disciples realize that they had missed so much while Jesus walked with them. They had not gotten it! And now after the stone covering the tomb has been rolled back they can’t help but open their eyes and they turn toward Jesus and His way.

The Reconciliation that is talked about in the Gospel season is a dramatic one. It is a metanoia – a conversion – a changing of direction. And that is what we, as people baptized into the Risen one are called to as well.

Sometimes we “cheapen” the whole path of Reconciliation, conversion, metanoia. We confess that we have missed morning prayers or have told a fib or missed a Mass. But the Reconciliation the Lord calls us to is radical – it is doing everything in our power to dedicate ourselves to His Way. To follow on His path and disregard the other paths.

As we read from the Acts of the Apostles during this season we see how transformed the early Christians were – they didn’t even look like the same people.

They didn’t get it perfectly. Nor will we. But we join together as a community to try to be Easter people marked by the newness of Easter life.

Fr. Bob

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Father Bob Retirement

Father Bob is retiring after 46 years of Active Ordained Ministry.
Please join us in celebrating the weekend of June 22-23
Saturday June 22
Cocktail Party 7pm Parish Center

Sunday June 23
Celebration Mass 11am
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