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The Church of the Precious Blood is a community faith on a journey to be disciples of the Lord Jesus. Join us to celebrate the Eucharist, to share faith in our Faith Sharing Groups, to be good Shepherds of all that God has given us by sharing our resources with those in need and in sharing our faith with those about us. As a commuity we strive to be a beacon of hope, faith and love to those about us. Join us!  Email us

Easter 2018

We begin our Fifty Day celebration of Easter! As much as we all love Christmas the fact is that Easter is the major feast of our faith. And so we have Fifty Days to ponder the message. We'll listen during these days to the stories of the early community through the Acts of the Apostles and get a glimpse at how the Resurrection of Jesus formed that community of disciples. They were certainly distinct from the rest of the population! We'll read about the cures that Peter and the rest made happen becasue of their faith in the Risen Lord; we'll read about their courage in the face of opposition and threat; and we'll read about  the fact that day by day more people realized that this was The Way. But mainly we are told that what distinguised this group of followers was that they loved. They loved one another and they loved whoever would come into their midst. 

And so as we live this Easter Season let's try to follow their example. We do have the power to cure! By the kindness and love and attention and care we give to others we can change their lives and make them new.  That can be a cure! And living in the midst of a society that in so many ways is "me-centered" we need to have the courage to preach the Gospel value of service of the other. This might not make us popular but we have good role models throughout the history of the Church to encourage us. And then, so importantly, by putting aside our prejudices, our fears, our own insecurities let us find ways to love not only those that are easy to love, but those we encounter who challenge us. This Easter living can possibly change the world. But it most certainly will change us.

Fr. Bob

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