Building for the Future Campaign

Building for the Future Campaign


As some of you may have heard, a major fundraising campaign has been launched in celebration of the Church of the Precious Blood’s upcoming 125th Anniversary. This endeavor, entitled Building for the Future, seeks to raise a minimum of $1,000,000 to renew and expand our parish campus so that it may continue to serve as a beacon of faith to all for generations to come. These campus projects include the renovation of our parking lot, expansion of our gathering space, and repairs to our church building.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing answers to questions that we have been hearing from our parishioners:

Who will be asked to support the campaign?

Everyone! I am meeting with as many families as I can through face-to-face visits and receptions to personally explain the campaign and ask for a sacrificial offering. With over 1,000 families, it takes time. Volunteers have been assisting me by meeting with fellow parishioners and inviting them to support this great undertaking as well. I cannot thank our volunteers and those who have given enough for their effort and support of this campaign.


Over the next few months, everyone in the Precious Blood community will be invited to participate in the campaign through a one-on-one meeting, reception, or general presentation.

How will this campaign impact our parish savings?

In addition to the funds raised from the campaign, approximately $400,000 from our parish savings will be required in order to address these projects. The parish finance council understands that it is critical for the fiscal health of our parish that we maintain a balance in our parish savings for unforeseen expenses and needs in the future. Although a portion of our savings will be necessary to address these parish projects, the success of this campaign is critical so that we do not need to deplete our savings beyond what has been allocated.

How will we spend Father John’s estate gift?

As you may also know, the church community just recently settled an estate gift from Father John Kielb, the former pastor of the Church of the Precious Blood for 21 years. As those who knew him are aware, Father John was not only a very generous person, but also one who cared for the poor and marginalized. The Finance Council and The Parish Council are now determining best possible way to honor Father John’s memory with the use of these funds.

As we move forward with this campaign, it is my hope that our entire community will join together and participate in this blessed effort for our Diocese and our parish. I will be more than happy to meet with anyone or answer any questions you may have over the coming weeks. Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

Thank you all and may God bless you, Father Bob

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